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University Link is part of a light rail system that will extend about 50 miles through Central Puget Sound by the year 2023. Link light rail will run to Lynnwood in the north, Overlake in Redmond to the east and south of Sea-Tac Airport. With ST3, voters in November 2016 will have the opportunity to extend light rail even farther. Learn more about system expansion.

U Link route

Link stations

Transit Connections

Beginning March 26, University of Washington and Capitol Hill stations will be served by many buses. Transferring from bus to light rail  is easy with an ORCA card.

Note: Bus routes effective March 26, 2016.

Capitol Hill Station

Capitol Hill Station bus connections

University of Washington Station

University of Washington Station bus connections

How to Ride

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“Capitol Hill is a wonderful community, but it’s difficult to get there. University Link will be amazing, connecting to both downtown and the UW in minutes. We can’t wait for opening day!”
Jim Spady, President of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.
“This is exciting. Taking U Link trains to Capitol Hill or all the way to the airport is perfect.”
Taryn Seacrist, UW student
“Being a UW Air Force ROTC cadet and living in the south end means waking up at 3 a.m. for training. When light rail opens, I’ll not only get to all my classes in less than an hour, I’ll finally catch up on my sleep. Awesome!”
Nickey Mitchell, Seattle Central College student and Rainier Valley resident
“Instead of 25 minutes, getting to work at the UW Medical Center will be a four-minute ride from Capitol Hill. And downtown and the airport are just three blocks away by light rail. Woo Hoo!”
Chuck Rohrer, UW Medical Center employee and Capitol Hill resident
“I’m so excited to finally see light rail becoming a reality. It will promote more foot traffic and exploration between neighborhoods. I suspect more people will leave their cars behind.”
Binko Bisbee, owner of KOBO stores on North Broadway and South Jackson Street